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CSV Guide

This guide will help you create and ship all your bulk shipments quickly and efficiently, and have all of your labels accepted on the first try. The biggest difference between shipping via CSV Import versus manually is that you must know the type of shipping service you’ll be using ahead of time (Ground Advantage, Priority, Express, etc).

Already know what you’re doing? download the template here.


CSV Format

A CSV file is basically a spreadsheet without any formatting information attached to it. No fonts, colors, borders, formulas, etc. It is the pure raw data without any of the fluff. Files in CSV format can be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. CSV stands for “comma-separated values”.


– You must save your file in .CSV format.
– Since all of the values are separated by commas, you cannot use any commas in any field.
– Your file must have 50 labels or less, or 20,000 characters or less. If you consistently run into these limitations, feel free to contact us so that we can raise your limit.

Explanation of spreadsheet fields

The requirements for processing CSV files are strict, but no more strict than entering the same values you would receive when sending labels one by one. We have a sample template file for you to use that will make the process easy. Here’s a basic rundown of the information required and options for each field. (Each option must be typed exactly as listed below)

Carrier Service Length Width Height Weight(Lbs) Weight(Oz) Package Type Email
usps, fedex, ups or canadapost priority, express, etc in inches in inches in inches in lbs in oz parcel, letter, etc Optional


This is the shipping carrier you will be using. Choose from ‘usps’, ‘fedex’, ‘ups’ or ‘canadapost’.


This is dependent on the carrier.


  • GroundAdvantage
  • Priority
  • Express
  • MediaMail
  • First Class International
  • Priority International
  • Express International


  • Ground
  • NextDayAir
  • NextDayAirSaver
  • NextDayAirEarlyAM
  • 2ndDayAir
  • 3DaySelect




  • No support for CanadaPost just yet

Note: Most common service types are ‘GroundAdvantage’, ‘Priority’, and ‘Express’ for USPS and ‘FEDEX_GROUND’, ‘FEDEX_2_DAY’, and ‘FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER’ for FedEx. It is possible that a carrier may not offer these options or any of the other options you select based on the information entered, resulting in a rejected label (choosing an international service for a domestic shipment is one example). Do not be discouraged. Simply try another service type for that label or re-enter the shipment manually after processing your batch – this will allow you to see all quotes for the shipment, including ones you may not have thought of.

Length, Width, Height

Values in inches

Weight(Lbs), Weight(oz)

Values in US pounds or ounces. Note that the two values add up to each other. In other words, if you set Weight(Lbs) as 1 and Weight(oz) at 1, the total weight of the package will be calculated as 1 Lbs(which is 16 oz) plus 1 oz, or 17 oz total.

Package Type

In most cases, ‘parcel’ is the default package type that all carriers accept. Parcel means any box. If you are mailing a letter, you may use ‘letter’, simply enough. USPS has a few more package types to choose from including ‘largeparcel’, ‘card’, ‘flat’, and ‘irregularparcel’.

For flat-rate boxes and envelopes, you have the following to choose from (note: You must already own and use a special flat rate box or envelope, which you can get for free from USPS). (do not type the descriptions in parentheses). Not sure which envelope/box you have? It will be written on the enevelope/box itself.

  • flatrateenvelope (Flat Rate Envelope)
  • flatratelegalenvelope (Flat Rate Legal Envelope)
  • flatratepaddedenvelope (Flat Rate Padded Envelope)
  • flatrategiftcardenvelope (Flat Rate Gift Card Envelope)
  • flatratewindowenvelope (Flat Rate Window Envelope)
  • flatratecardboardenvelope (Flat Cardboard Envelope)
  • smallflatratebox (Flat Rate Box – Small)
  • mediumflatratebox (Flat Rate Box – Medium)
  • largeflatratebox (Flat Rate Box – Large)

To / From

We assume you know how to input the rest of the information such as the FROM address and TO address. Note: FedEx requires both phone numbers for every shipment.


Fill this field out only if you need to send the tracking number to the package recipient. Otherwise, leave blank.


Can I upload the same file twice?
Each time a file is uploaded, new shipment labels are created. Uploading the same file twice will simply create two separate but valid shipments to each address you specify. This can be useful if you have repeat shipments to the same customers. This is the same thing as putting in the same address twice in the CSV file. In fact, there’s no limit to how many shipments you can create for each destination. If you need to send 15 separate packages to the same person, feel free to do so through whatever means you deem necessary.

Common Issues

-Carrier name misspelled
-Service type does not match carrier (choosing FEDEX_2_DAY for USPS)
-Package type does not conform to carrier’s standards
The biggest issue is if the carrier is unable to provide a quote for the service type you requested. For example, if you requested a USPS package for Media Mail, but the carrier cannot provide a quote for that service based on the other parameters you entered. In this case, we encourage you to try another service type.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to request features and report bugs!

We are dedicated to making your shipping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, concerns, or bug reports, feel free to contact us! We listen!